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Kath Foley children's Centre & Kindergarten Philosophy Statement
Children need an environment rich in natural elements that is safe, clean, attractive, healthy and familiar and where awareness of environmental and sustainable practice is promoted. Within this environment Educators will provide encouragement, expectations of competency and success with support for children's learning across all areas. We acknowledge that each child is a unique individual with different needs, abilities, strengths and interests.
We believe each child requires experiences that encourage and support self reliance, curiosity, positive self concept and respect for others and opportunities to learn and reach their full potential. In order to reach this potential each child needs opportunities to:
  • form strong attachments with familiar, caring adults
  • express thoughts and feelings
  • deal positively and honestly with emotions
  • practice and master skills
  • follow curiosity, imagine, solve problems and express creativity
  • explore ways of thinking, knowing and learning

We acknowledge that children belong to a family first and develop a sense of belonging to other groups and communities. In this context we value interactive decision making between educators, children, parents, families and the broader community and recognise the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with the community, encouraging the development of community networks.

We believe family values, beliefs and cultures must be respected with an aim to promoting cultural awareness and understanding and developing a curriculum that is appropriate for culturally diverse families including indigenous families.

We acknowledge the importance of supporting Early Childhood Educators to:
  • engage in professional learning to further their knowledge of Early Childhood development, curriculum and pedagogy as well as the Early Years Learning Frameworks and the National Quality Standard.
  • develop and practice skills in critical reflection of day to day practices, personal and centre philosophy and goals.
We acknowledge the importance of a learning environment where open communication, support and mutual respect form the basis for the partnership between educators, parents and children. We believe this forms the foundation for children's sense of wellbeing, belonging and potential for learning.

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