The Centre provides opportunities for:
Taking resposibility
Decision making
Self expression
Being part of a group
Developing self help skills
Time alone and one to one with an adult
Experiencing success


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  • We aim to create an environment where children's experiences are appropriate for their developmental stage, interests, family culture and background.
  • We acknowledge the child as an active decision maker in their own learning and the family as integral and crucial contributors to a child's education.
  • We aim to develop an understanding of each child's skills, experience, interests and ways of thinking that may influence their learning in order to identity outcomes we, as educators want for each child in each learning area. This in turn will lead us to provision of opportunities where children may grow and develop in skills, attitude and thinking.
  • We aim to use educator knowledge of child development, family culture, community culture, surrounding environment, educator skills and interests, family skills and interests, children's skills and interests in the development of our children's program.
  • We aim to build on children's prior learning, knowledge, skills and interests, acknowledging their ideas and provoking new ideas that will challenge and build on what they already know and understand.
  • We will share this information using portfolios that contain information about each child's learning, interests, skills, strengths and needs as they evolve over time.
  • We will engage in critical reflection of these practices and our own personal professional philosophies and practices during staff meetings, planning sessions, staff development and appraisal opportunities and in consultation with families as appropriate.

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